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Radiosonic goes to Gallifrey!


Radiosonic still alive and well!

In fact, Line Producer aralias and Production Assistant praedestinatio are so alive and well that they'll be at Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles in a little under two weeks, February 15-17.

While we won't have an official presence there (this year!) please feel free to stalk us and ask a myriad of questions.

praedestinatio will be in costume most of the weekend as Shalka!Master, Survival!Master, Professor Yana, or Jo Grant (Day of the Daleks version), and aralias will be in Shalka!Doctor, Three, and Something Else TBA.

Also if anyone who's a a member of Radiosonic or has contributed would like to meet up, we'd love to meet you! (Or see you again, as the case may be)
Please let us know :D

praedestinatio will also have the Radiosonic twitter for the weekend, so do feel free to shoot us a line.