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Auditions and podcast prep...

New audition pieces for UK, USA, and Australian voices are up on the comm here. Almost all parts are single episode roles, but they range from main characters within those episodes to a few lines.

More characters still to come...

And the next podcast will be out on Friday, and features the first clips of the first readthrough. Oooooh....

Other platforms, and some icons

who_daily people: don't bother reporting this post. The icons have already gone up, and the other platform information is not that newsworthy (although obviously often the Daily Mail thinks that Matt Smith not smiling that much while walking his dog is newsworthy and I do dutifully report that.

No real news, although the writers are gathering for a writer's influences/favourite episodes podcast this Friday...

This post is mainly to let you know that:

This community is the primary hub of Radiosonic information and will remain thus, but we're now also on:

Twitter @radiosonic_WS
Tumblr @radio-sonic
You can follow the Tumblr through LJ by friending sonictumblr

The twitter is a straight-forward feed back to this community. The Tumblr should become something more than just a Time Lord than that. Obviously a lot of the stuff on it at the moment is similar to what's on here, but it should branch off as People Who Are Not Me will (hopefully) be running it. I'll let you know who when that's confirmed.

Currently it has some links to things, and some pictures of Shalka, and some Shalka stuff I re-blogged from elsewhere. If anyone reading this has a Tumblr, we would definitely appreciate some re-blogging (perhaps of the podcast) to help us reach that new fandom.

Additionally, here are some Shalka icons I made ages ago. Feel free to take and use if you want.

icons hereCollapse )



In this post you will find the first ever Radiosonic Podcast! It is hosted by me, aralias (Line Producer, and writer of episodes 2 and 3) and bessyboo (Production Manager and general organiser of things), and you can find it below.

In this podcast we talk about BIG FINISH who we are, what we're doing, why we're doing it, why Shalka is cool, why Alison is a good companion (though more on this later, I think), BIG FINISH, what the episodes are going to be, how we're going to do them, and how you can get involved if you want to (we want you to). Also, I may talk about Big Finish a bit*.

Anyway - here's the podcast.

Upload MP3s using free MP3 hosting from Tindeck.


* 'Spare Parts' is written by Marc Platt, who also wrote 'Relative Dimensions'. Both are very good.

Although this podcast will become a regular thing, the impetus behind this particular episode was pod_aware's seventh day challenge.

Podfic as a fan art is still relatively small, even if it's growing quickly. There are positive steps that can be taken to help podfic as a fan art grow. To learn how check out pod_aware on LJ or DW.


Audition to be in an episode!

We are not currently auditioning any parts. More to follow, so keep checking back!

We’d like you to record these sections in the environment you would record the actual episodes, and with the equipment you would use. Please note that this is because one of the things we will be considering with your audition is audio quality. This includes, but isn’t limited to, mic quality, background noise, and compression rate. (So, if you have access, now’s the time to finagle usage of that fancy uni recording equipment!)

In case you are intimidated by this, PLEASE DON’T BE! ALMOST ANYONE WILLING TO ACT COULD VERY WELL BE ACCOMMODATED. Show us what you've got, and we'll work with you on sound quality and time. Those are factors to think about, but what we're looking for is a great performance. Don't let the fact that you don't currently have a foam-lined podfic bunker lying around keep you down/stop you auditioning! The techy bits you’ll be expected to deal with are pie-easy once you get the hang of them, we swear. We save the true descent into hell for the editors...


* Your contact info. (Minimum we need is an email address, but feel free to provide Skype, AIM, etc.)
* A little about your acting experience. Have you taken direction before? Your experience level is not a make or break factor in our casting decisions, but it’s helpful to know about.
* How much time can you commit to this project? We’ll try to give you an idea of what the role demands--some parts are simply one or two lines, other episodes will feature non-main actors about as heavily as they do the mains. This will be strung out over a while (up to a few weeks, maybe even more), but you would need to be able to find time for that, and possibly at odd hours, as your director may opt for ‘live’ i.e. simultaneous recordings. The schedule will be as amenable to you as possible, but if you don’t have much free time or flexibility, a large role may not be for you.
* Would you be willing to do future series?
* As mentioned above, if necessary, would you be willing to purchase a better mic? How much would you be willing to spend? (Keep in mind that a decent headset mic usually runs $15-25, and a VERY nice standing USB condenser mic runs around $100.)
* Can you do any ‘voices’ or ‘accents’ we should know about? This includes your fiercest Ssssssssea Devil, and so on. Some of the alien qualities of these voices are down to post-production, but the bulk is voice work. Watch Nick Briggs live--I hope he sometimes does this voice in public while ordering pancakes, just to terrify near-by children.
* What time-zone do you live in? (This cannot affect your chances, it’s just a planning question.)


Upload to something like Tindeck, Box.net, or Mediafire, and post in the comments OR email to radiosonicworkshop [at] gmail [dot] com. All comments are screened – due to the nature of LJ’s screening function we won’t reply to these comments, but actors will have our thanks and will be contacted as we need them. GIVEN THE PRODUCTION SCHEDULE, IT MAY BE SOME TIME BEFORE WE CONTACT YOU REGARDING OUR BURNING NEED FOR A SILURIAN OR SOME SUCH.