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Audition post - episode 1

Hullo! Currently looking to cast episode 1, which (as the podcasts may have told you) is sent in ancient Egypt - specifically the Armarna period. It's possible that if we think you'd be good for a character in one of the other un-cast episodes, based on these readings, that we may ask you to play a different role, but largely we're looking for Ancient Egyptians, here. To be played with British accents please - Northern or Scottish accents ideal.

Deadline for audition pieces is fairly flexible, but we'd ideally like to hear from you by April 14th.

We have short dialogue sections taken from the first draft of the script for this episode (so all are subject to change), for actors to audition with. We’d like actors to record these sections in the environment they would record the actual episodes, and with the equipment they would use. Then upload the finished files either to a streaming site like soundcloud or tindeck or an upload site such as mediafire.

Time commitment wise you're looking at one readthrough with all the cast of about 3 hours, and about 3 hours per main part recording, going down to much less for smaller parts. In an ideal situation, readthroughs and recordings will happen via Skype. If we want to call you back (it's possible we will just offer parts based on these initial readings) that would also take place via Skype.

Audition dialogue - please audition for any/all characters you're interested in

This round, each character has several different chunks of dialogue. If you want to audition for a character, please record all their lines of dialogue given. The lines do not follow on from each other.

(Female. Egyptian princess- around 18. Charming, professional/aware of her responsibilities, but a bit flirty when appropriate. Main part - UK accent).

1. ENOUGH. I have heard my fill of this--this pointless worry, these seditious whispers. You let your tongue run away from you, and you allow your concern to sour and grow rancid.

2. Good nurse, what is all this commotion? You frighten and confuse the maids with this wild talk of radishes!

3. Thank you for bringing the news, and for whatever help you and your friend can offer. (more calm, hostessy) May I suggest we retire and leave my mother to question him? We must look like eavesdroppers, skulking around the door. The problem is in the best of hands, and until we’re needed, we can only wait.

(Female. Egyptian princess- around 10. Clever and outspoken. Main part - UK accent)

1. My name’s technically Meketaten, but my sister says that’s a bit pretentious for someone too small to see over the top of the high table. Which is a lie, by the way, because I can. [pause] If I stand on my toes. Which obviously counts.

2. (a bit scared) Why can’t you leave, what’s wrong?

(Female. Dowager Queen. Excels at politics and storytelling. Main part - UK accent)

1. Oh, you know I am not so petty as to be offended, child. Only those without confidence in their influence are shaken by such trifles. In future, however, let’s not entrust anything particularly urgent to nurse Nebe, no matter how near at hand she may be. That woman delivers messages like an advancing army: achingly slowly, with a great deal of clatter that signifies nothing.

2. I’m interested in hearing him speak. If we decide to kill him after, so be it. That’s the handy thing about executions: they’re always still an option.

(Female. Pharoah’s second wife. Coquettish with him, sly with the rest of his family. Main part - UK accent).

1. Oh, my Lord! You are returned!

2. (coyly) At last we are alone.

3. Meri, be not so guarded. I am merely concerned. What happens to Pharaoh affects us all--and should anything befall him, your mother might find her position precarious. Egypt is not gentle to its queens--Hatshepsut’s name is almost as black and forgotten as those of the old gods the Aten has subsumed. And what would become of the new religion, without its Highest Priest? How shall it endure without its source? Springs dry up, when their origin exhausts itself.

(Male - two/three scenes. UK accent)

1. (chanting) How manifold it is, what thou hast made! They are hidden from the face. Thou didst create the world according to thy desire, Whilst thou wert alone--

2. I am a man of god--you may speak to me as you would to Anubis, weighing your heart against the feather of truth.

(Male - two/three scenes. UK accent)

1. Just doing our duty, sire.

2. Sire, forgive me, I may be imagining this, but--what’s that over the city?


* Your contact info. (Minimum we need is an email address, but feel free to provide Skype, AIM, etc.)
* A little about your acting experience. Have you taken direction before? Your experience level is not a make or break factor in our casting decisions, but it’s helpful to know about.
* How much time can you commit to this project?
* Would you be willing to do future series?
* As mentioned above, if necessary, would you be willing to purchase a better mic? How much would you be willing to spend? (Keep in mind that a decent headset mic usually runs $15-25, and a VERY nice standing USB condenser mic runs around $100.)
* Can you do any ‘voices’ or ‘accents’ we should know about?
* What time-zone do you live in? (This cannot affect your chances, it’s just a planning question.)


Upload to something like Tindeck, Box.net, or Mediafire, and post in the comments OR email to radiosonicworkshop [at] gmail [dot] com. All comments are screened – due to the nature of LJ’s screening function we won’t reply to these comments, but actors will have our thanks and will be contacted as we need them.

In summary:
1. Record and upload audition sections for any parts you're interested in.
2. Comment (all comments are screened) or email radiosonicworkshop@gmail.com with a link to your upload.
3. Ideal audition deadline April 14th 2012.

Episode 1 casting now closed. Thanks to everyone who auditioned!